Progressive Dinner Date Night

This weekend is date night!  Woot Woot! Progressive dinner date here we come! One of the BEST things we’ve done recently is arrange for a regular babysitter so David and I can get out of the house together at least once a month.  I look forward to date night all month long now.

This month David and I decided to revisit an idea from last year, a progressive dinner date. Progressive dinners are common for groups where everyone goes to one person’s house for appetizers and then another house for the main entrée and yet another house for dessert, you know what I’m talking about?  Well, we tweaked the idea for date night by picking one restaurant for each part of the meal.  Last time I gathered 3-5 options for all 3 parts of our dining experience and David picked from each category on the night of our date.  Every place I listed as an option was completely new to us.  It felt like a culinary adventure!

Neither David nor I are great about trying new things.  Creatures of habit, I guess.  Date night can get old when you stick to your comfort zone though. After awhile I itch to try something out of the ordinary.  A progressive dinner was perfect for us because trying new things felt adventurous and unusual even though it was…well…dinner.


Last year we started with appetizers at Touch, enjoyed our entrée at the Grad School(delicious hamburgers by the way), and melted over dessert crepes at Aviary.  We were STUFFED by the end of the night but we had a wonderful time traveling around town to visit all of these new places.  Branching out is a good thing! This time David wants to surprise me with the locations so it’s a mystery right now. I don’t know if we’ll wind up discovering new favorites or visiting old ones…maybe a mix of both!  I can’t wait!

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