Tape-Resist Snowflake Finger Painting

Give this simple tape-resist snowflake finger painting art idea a try with the kids this winter. It’s a quick and easy project for even the tiniest artists in your home! Our youngest son is 1 and he had a great time joining his big brother for this winter art activity.

To make your own tape-resist snowflake finger painting you’ll need some finger paint paper(any paper works really, however I like the glossy look once it dries), blue paint, and painters tape.  Prep your papers beforehand with snowflakes using the painters tape.  I recommend taping the paper to your work surface for young artists.  When you are all set up turn your artists loose with paint! Once the paint is dry the tape comes off easily to reveal the white snowflakes underneath.

This winter art activity is one of those so-simple-it’s-done-to-death projects that you find all over the internet but I shared it here anyway because I LOVE the great example of process vs. product that happened with my boys as we created together. 

As a former teacher, I try to teach my kids that process is more important than product.  I want to encourage children to explore the world around them through art.  Skies don’t have to be blue.  What was intended to be a tree can morph into a spaceship.  It is okay to create a summer scene with the snow paint.  Art is meant to unlock their creativity and help them look at everyday things in new ways.

As we worked on our tape-resist snowflake finger painting my baby boy happily smeared paint EVERYWHERE.  My 3 year old took his time moving the paint around just so until he got his picture exactly how he wanted it.  When it dried he opted to leave the tape on most of his snowflakes. That’s how he likes it and that makes it just right.   As a parent you don’t have to force art to be what Pinterest portrays.    I hope you are encouraged today that the very best teachable moments often come in those times that things don’t turn out quite how you thought they would.  I didn’t think I’d find an opportunity to encourage his unique creativity in our simple art activity but I ended up with a wonderful chance to lift him up and give him eyes to see the world in his own way!



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