Frozen Oobleck

Honestly, last week was rough.  One day in particular was one of those dreadful days that  mess with the mind.  I found myself home with 3 sickie kids and they were all under each other’s skin.  Everyone was miserable.  By 10am I felt at the end of myself.  Luckily, Darling Girl reminded me that we had some frozen oobleck in the freezer for her science fair next week.  We had time to make more before her big day so…why not right?   It was exactly what we needed to refocus the morning and kept everyone entertained until it was time for lunch and naps all around!  YAY!!!!!  I never thought I’d say this but THANK GOODNESS FOR SCIENCE FAIRS.

Frozen oobleck is magic I tell you!  We do lots of crafts and activities around here but it’s rare that one will keep the kids occupied for hours.  This did.   Oobleck is a standby playtime recipe for our kids so it was familiar but frozen oobleck took playtime to a whole new level.  I set out some of their Toobs penguins and the fun began! The kids had a great time exploring the consistency of the oobleck, “bathing” their penguins in the drippy goo, sinking them deep into the oobleck and then pulling them out to hear that satisfying POP sound, building with the frozen blocks, gathering oobleck into piles and watching it melt across their trays and many more creative ideas that I can’t remember. I never quite know what ideas they’ll come up with!

Making your own Oobleck couldn’t get any easier! You probably have everything you need in your kitchen right now.   Gather up cornstarch, water, and  some liquid watercolor or food coloring and you’re good to go!  1/2 cup water to 1 cup cornstarch makes a nice little batch and was enough for the 3 kids to have 4 ice cubes each when frozen.  Usually I double the recipe when I make oobleck for playtime with my 4 but you should have good results making as much or as little as you want as long as you use the1/2  part to 1 part ratio.   To make frozen oobleck simply pour your batch into an ice tray or any pan and stick it in the freezer for awhile.  Cleanup was nice and easy with a damp rag. 

I was impressed with the consistency of the oobleck after freezing.  It was even better than normal.  Describing it isn’t easy but the solid/fluid aspect was especially great after being frozen.  My kids were fascinated.  I hope yours will be too!

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