Winter Letter Hunt Sensory Bin

I’m a little late in posting it but we started off 2017 with a winter letter hunt sensory bin.  It’s time to focus on letters with Stinky Face and hunting around for letters in the “snow” was a big hit! My littlest guy, Minion, has  started showing interest in our learning playtime at home as well although he was MUCH more interested in scooping and pouring!

For the snow in our winter letter hunt sensory bin we used Insta-Snow powder that I’ve had sitting around since my teaching days.  Hi, my name is Jacie and I hoard fun teaching supplies.   If you aren’t familiar with Insta-Snow it’s basically a powdered polymer that expands when it absorbs water.  After I mixed it up I put our batch in the freezer for awhile to add a chill to our snowy playtime.  You can find Insta-Snow online.  Making Insta-Snow is as easy as adding 2 oz. of water for every 1 teaspoon of powder that you use.  I used 1 gallon of my Insta-Snow mixture and that was enough to fill my sensory bin with a decent amount of fluffy white snow.

NOTE: I was not smart here and forgot to lay down a towel under our sensory bin. Obviously my littlest child made a big mess. It cleans up just fine but it’s best to think about how you’ll contain your mess before you start! Don’t be like me.

From there I added scoops, letters, and tongs.  When a letter is found we say it’s name and the sound it makes.  As the boys continue with their play I’ll often repeat the name/sound and list off words that begin with the letter.  Learning happens in those little moments when you don’t even think they’re listening to you at all.  They soak up that knowledge!

With this sensory bin we are:

  • Identifying colors.
  • Exploring new sensory materials.
  • Developing fine motor skills.
  • Identifying letters.
  • Learning about letter sounds.



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