Baking with Mom

 This week I feel the need to slow down and enjoy the simple moments of a fleeting childhood…moments like baking with Mom. Instead of a tutorial or fun learning activity I want to share a moment from our day to day life today.  I recently decided to bake cookies with the boys.  I got overzealous and chose to photograph the experience as well.  Probably not the safest plan for my camera or my sanity.   I had batter smudges all over my camera and myself by the time we were finished but I LOVE the fun we captured together!

This is it.  These are the moments I store up in my heart to treasure always. THIS is why I insist on dragging out my camera for every little thing even though David and Ladybug have both gotten to the point that they fuss at me for sticking it in their faces while they decorate gingerbread houses or play a game.  But…but…I want to remember this! These moments are my joy! I want to savor them and reflect on them in years to come.  I want to show that picture to a little chocolate-covered face that grins up at me someday after I tell them a story about baking with their Daddy when he was their age.

I imagine that story going a little something like this…

Alright! Here we go, baking with Mom!

After some pouring and stirring Mom says it’s time for the mixer! This is a fun-looking button. Can I push it? Yes? YES!

Wow, it IS a fun button! Around and around it goes!

Hey look, Mom stopped it. Now she’s turning around to get out a cookie sheet…are you thinking what I’m thinking?


***please excuse us for another brief hand-washing break***

After some hand-washing, and scooping our cookies are ready for the oven!

Pretty soon that timer is going to ding and baking with Mom is going to turn into eating with Mom. 


Still waiting…

Still waiting…

WHY timer WHY?

Mom, I believe cookies were mentioned.  I don’t see any cookies. What’s the deal with that Mom? Do you see my eyebrows Mom? I mean business.  Mom? I need some cookies here!

After much pouring,  mixing,  button pushing,  giggling,  picture snapping,  hand washing,  smiling,  scooping and waaayyy too much waiting we have cookies!  



What are you doing to slow down and enjoy your kids this week? 





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