Adventure Awaits

I like to think that I have a spirit of adventure.  Sometimes, I do.  That one time that I somehow managed to talk half a dozen of my friends who, like myself, had never touched a pair of skis before into not waiting around for the ski instructor because “it doesn’t look THAT hard”.  Or the time that we were sitting around talking about how cool it would be to see the Blue Man Group in person and I decided to put words to action so we bought tickets and went on a fun spur of the moment roadtrip to Chicago to enjoy our front row seats.  Or maybe the one time that I crowd-surfed that concert…

Mostly though, I’ve discovered that I am not as adventurous as I like to think I am.  I like routine. I’d totally rather be home with my family than out with you.  As much as I say that my ultimate dream in life is to pack everything we can into our car and simply drive until we hit the ocean the reality is that I came completely undone just moving our family from Kansas City to Marshfield.  I don’t always do change well.  This is why I don’t have a great explanation for the changes that are happening in our home, yet I am over-the-moon excited because…well…adventure is out there!  Let me tell you a bit about the past few weeks.

I have this friend who works for Ciee, placing foreign exchange students with American families. She kept bugging me to pursue hosting.  I kept thinking “NO WAY”.   That is until I came across one particular profile that I felt drawn to.  I blame my friend.  I blame her for opening our world, our home, and our hearts in brand new ways.

Yup, we are hosting an exchange student next year! The whole thing happened really quickly. The journey began with simply reading a profile. The next several days were a whirlwind of “what ifs”, conversations with our kids,  questions, excitement, and applications.  I submitted our application on February 27th and we heard early on March 1st that yes, we would host our student for 10 months! Kinda crazy huh? It was a lot of change in a matter of days.  I should probably be rocking numbly in a corner somewhere but I’m doing pretty well actually.

I feel adventurous.  There will be challenging days, easy days, funny days, sad days and hectic days but every one them will be brand new days for our family full of opportunities to learn, grow, and share our world.  I’m looking forward to that more than I can say.

I plan to share that experience here as we go along. Join me?

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