Countdown to Disney

The countdown is on. 

For what you ask?  Disneyworld!  In T minus 40 days our family will make our first ever trip to the most magical place in the world.  I’m  excited. Just a bit.  So, to extend the excitement as much as possible we are counting down the days to our vacation with some Disney fun each day. 

How?  As easily as possible.  Let’s be real here- It’s the end of the school year so life is crazy busy for everyone.  I don’t have time to get super fancy with an elaborate countdown.  However, Disneyworld is ridiculously expensive and likely a one-time trip for our little family so I feel a need to stretch that magic as far as I can.  The great thing about Disney is that often the fun is in the simple things. I turned to the movies for inspiration and, with the help of Pinterest, I was able to pull together a cheap and fun-filled countdown that our kids are DYING over.

To begin, I popped by Hobby Lobby for some little tags(I am not sure what the “official” product name would be, I just grabbed the first thing that worked for my vision) and a Mickey Mouse hole punch.  From there I spent about an hour parked in front of the tv attaching Mickey heads to the tags and writing out my activities on the back.  I numbered them for each day and viola! Instant countdown.  I could have gotten fancy and arranged an epic display but to preserve my sanity I decided to pin the tag for tomorrow on our message board each night before going to bed instead.  In the morning the kids flip it over to find our activity for the day.  Easy.

Our activities range in difficulty depending on how much time we have each day.  Certain nights of the week are “family nights” and they have longer things like movies we want to watch prior to our trip or a recipe we want to make together.  Other nights are already scheduled with obligations.  Those nights have easy things that we can spend just a few moments on.  Truthfully, it doesn’t really matter what we do, the point is to take the time each day to enjoy the excitement of our Disney adventure!

Here are some of the ideas from our countdown:

Anticipation is part of the fun!

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