Meet Jacie


Welcome! I’m Jacie, and this is Half a Dozen Hollingsworths – a site I created to document our journey through parenthood and share my favorite activities to help you play, create, and learn with your own families.  It is my hope to fill this site with ideas for family fun as we go along!

I was a teacher prior to having babies of my own. Now I’m home crafting with my two girls, Ladybug(10 years old) and Darling Girl(7 years old) and playing with my two boys, Stinky Face(3 years old) and Minion(1 year old). I wouldn’t have it any other way.

 I haven’t been blogging for very long and to be honest I created this site in an effort to understand what in the world my husband is talking about when he gets into a coding project. He’s the techie guru around here, not me. I understand things best by doing them myself so I built this blog to learn about html. So far what I’ve learned about html is that it sucks. I like my blog anyway, even if reading code makes my brain feel fuzzy.

As a family we enjoy art, board games, crafting, and prioritize family time.  You won’t find daily posts on this site. I frequently only post 2-3 times a month, sometimes less. I wouldn’t have anything to post about if I spent all of my time on the computer instead of with my family. You are more likely to find me: reading, playing, creating, re-organizing something, fixing up our house with my husband, or sleeping. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!