Family Play Night

What is family play night?

 Family play night is family time set apart specifically for playing with our kids.  Why do we prioritize time just for play? We include a time for playtime in our family night rotation because we asked our children what their favorite things to do with Mom and Dad is and the resounding answer is that they like it when we play together.  It’s such a simple request.  If they ask for more playtime I can absolutely do that.

Obviously, I play with the kids all week long but family play nights are special times where everyone will come together to play.  Most of the time this means that each kiddo gets to pick something that we’ll all play together and we devote time to each activity, fitting in all the requests before bedtime.  Dress up, pirates, Nerf fights, jumping on the trampoline, playing catch,  Legos, superheroes, Barbies…whatever they ask for.  We make their requests a priority on this night and say yes to as many activities as we can squeeze in before it’s time for bed.  Not everyone loves every idea, ages range in our house from 1-10 and interests vary accordingly,  but it’s a rule that everyone comes together and participates without fuss for their siblings just as we’ll do when it’s their turn to pick what we play.  Sometimes play night has a theme like Playdough Play or Outdoor Games but most of the time the kids all pick different things and we simply play.

 Say yes to playtime whenever you can.  You won’t regret it.