Our Houseful

Mr. Hollingsworth


My favorite.  I couldn’t do this parenting thing without him!  Handyman.  Mechanic.  Carpenter.  Self-taught DIY-er in every way imaginable. The logical, serious, and steady part of this team with the perfect amount of silliness thrown in.  He’s always up for a challenge and will usually try any wacky idea I can come up with, I love that!  He is the tether in my life and keeps me grounded.  We’ve been married for 11 years and I’m looking forward to so many more years together! He doesn’t do nicknames…except maybe Love Salad but that is an old joke from way back when marriage wasn’t quite on anyone’s mind just yet.  It comes up and makes us smile from time to time. (Sorry Babe!)

Mrs. Hollingsworth


Me.  Um…

Book aficionado.  Blogger of probably useless information.  Planner. Organizer. Mama. Chatty, music-loving, sometimes obnoxious, crafty lover of life and all of the fun moments that fill up each day.   I try to share those moments here.  That’s my hope.  If you learn about an amazing recipe(not likely) or a neat project that is great but I really hope to encourage you to find some fun with the special people in your life. That’s what this is all about.


Our oldest daughter.  Singer.  Writer.  Daydreamer.  Protective Sister.  Smart,  funny, CHATTY, and kind lover of root beer and all the books.  She is a girl after God’s heart and is happiest when surrounded by friends and family.  Her family nickname comes from back when she was itty bitty and discovered a ladybug in her room at bedtime.  She went into diva mode and freaked out refusing to return to her bedroom at all costs until it was carefully and properly disposed of.  The name sort of stuck.

Darling Girl


Our youngest daughter.  Artist.  Fashionista-in-training.  Sensitive heart.  Dreamer.  Giggly, cheerful, cuddly, and energetic lover of math and all things dinosaur.  She dreams of being a paleontologist someday and wears her big heart on her sleeve, quickly stepping up to take care of any need.  Her family nickname came about when we began what we now call Darling Dates with our children. She had a little stuffed animal that said something like “you look simply darling dear” and insisted upon calling everything darling for the LONGEST time…we needed a name for our special times with Mom or Dad and she solved that problem for us just like that.  She’s been darling girl ever since.

Stinky Face


Our oldest son.  Brave.  Rambunctious.  Always smiling.  Future Super Hero.  Playful, fun-loving, BUSY, and imaginative little lover of people and books.  He is convinced that he will grow up to be Batman. I can see it. The fierce streak is strong in this one.  His family nickname comes from our favorite part of one of our favorite books! He’s not actually Stinky, I promise. 😉



Our youngest.  Into everything.  Full of Joy.  Unstoppable force.  Serious Snuggler.   Adventurous, determined, friendly, and always on the go quick little daredevil.  He feels no loyalty to the laws of physics and frequently surprises me with his ability to climb, tackle, fit into, or conquer anything in his path.  He might be the littlest Hollingsworth but he’s convinced that he is the boss.  His family nickname comes from Despicable Me 2…you know how the cute little minions turn into purple rage minions? He can go from calm and cute to wild and manic in seconds. His wide grin shifts into a scary mess of noisy gnashing teeth and he thinks it is hilarious.  He runs through the house screaming simply for the thrill of it.  By the way, if you were wondering…our house is LOUD.


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